Mini Placenta Encapsulation Kit


Includes postage to the UK and N. Ireland

Ideal for parents who would like to make their own placenta pills using the TCM method or Raw Method.

Mini Placenta Encapsulation Kit contains full pictured step-by-step instructions for placenta encapsulation in your home using your own oven or food dehydrator and blender equipment.

Are you a DOULA? Please read the important information below.

Product Description

Mini Placenta Encapsulation Kit also includes:

  • Appropriate Placenta Care Document for your Doctor or Midwife to ensure proper handling of your Placenta after birth
  • Top Tips Guide for a Successful Placenta Encapsulation
  • Fully pictured step-by-step instructions for a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method and Raw Dried method
  • Purple tinted storage jar with label
  • 150 empty vegetable capsules
  • 4 pairs of latex free gloves
  • Placenta pills dosage and storage instructions card
  • Gorgeous purple organza cord keepsake tote bag
  • Information, support and guidance over the phone, email or skype before, during and after encapsulating your placenta

Please note: Due to hygiene reasons mini placenta encapsulation kits are non returnable once purchased.

INFORMATION FOR DOULAS:  IPEN mini kits are intended for the ‘mother’s own use only’.  As your client’s doula there is no harm in helping your client with the encapsulation process, however the entire process must be completed in the mothers own home and under the guidance of (or more preferably with) a direct family member of your client.  If you are a doula and considering offering placenta encapsulation to your clients as a service we highly recommend you attend one of our training workshops to learn how to provide the service to professional standards.  You can refer your local IPEN Placenta Encapsulation Specialist to your client to offer her the best placenta services available in the UK.