Umbilical Cord Keepsake

picture of dried umbilical cordThe umbilical cord that connected your new baby to your womb during the pregnancy played a key role in delivering nutrients and essential blood to your baby during gestation.  To honour and treasure the umbilical cord it can be dehydrated into a charm shape and kept for a lifetime.

You can ask your local Placenta Specialist to provide you with your dehydrated cord along with any other remedy you’ve ordered.  Or you can make your cord keepsake using the instructions below. (You can use the search on the right to find a Placenta specialist.)

A cord keepsake is a wonderful gift to the new mother, an everlasting symbol of the physical connection a mother had with her child.

Delay Cord Clamping and Milking the Cord 

Picture of Cord cut 20-60 mins after birthMaking your own Cord Keepsake:

  1. The cord should be cut at the base of the placenta.
  2. Rinse the cord and squeeze out any remaining blood and carefully remove clips or clamps using a sharp knife or scissors.
  3. Place the cord onto a small piece of non-stick parchment or grease proof paper.
  4. Shape the cord into your desired keepsake shape.  Hearts and spirals are the most preferred shapes. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the cord.
  5. Put the cord in your oven at the lowest temp possible for up to 6-10 hours, until the cord is bone dry. Or you can use a food dehydrator at a 50*C (120*F) or lower for about 10 hours or until bone dry.
  6. Store your cord keepsake in a small tote bag in a cool, dry place.